Introduction and History

Arshia Gostar Darman (AGD) founded by two young professional entrepreneurs, with a pioneering vision on promoting the Iranian healthcare industry a decade ago. The company has since developed rapidly to become one of the major suppliers of medical devices, as well as one of the most diverse healthcare companies in Iran. Relying on our core assets of human resources and modern management systems, AGD has become a trusted partner to medical professionals by providing solutions, training, and supporting services.  Today we are proud that AGD has evolved into a national brand in Iran’s healthcare industry. We are on a constant journey of defining and setting of new and ambitious standards of excellence. To raise and maintain our current level of business, the group has made the strategic decision to explore pharmaceuticals capabilities and provide total procurement solutions for medical centers.

Today AGD, with more than 15 employees and a sales team and scientific and capable support, is now one of the reliable companies providing the consumption needs of specialized ENT and Vascular hospitals. The company has also become a member of the Association of Medical Engineering Companies and the Medical Equipment Traders Union of Iran in order to coordinate more with trade union and professional policies. AGD, in order to develop its activities, has so far succeeded in obtaining more than six representatives from reputable and large global companies, among which the following can be mentioned:

  • Advanced Bionics LLC, leading manufacturer of Cochlear Implants
  • Medtronic (Sophono), Bone Conduction hearing aids manufacturer
  • Ear Technology Corporation, Hearing Aides accessories manufacturer
  • Asahi Intecc, Japanese leading manufacturer of guide wire, guiding catheter and microcatheter for Interventional Neurology and IVR products
  • Second Sight, the recognized global leader in neuromodulation devices to treat blindness

The efforts of the management of AGD in attracting specialized and efficient personnel and the management policies of the company have caused this company to take very big and positive steps in order to provide services to patients, doctors and hospitals, and in this regard, great successes have acquired that we got many years’ distributor awards.

To strengthen our international presence, we opened our first international office in Dubai (the United Arab Emirates) in 2018.

We believe that the realization of the above goals and objectives can be achieved only through the group participation of all partners in an intimate environment, with organizational order and observance of principles. And now the AGD is trying to take bigger and more effective steps by relying on its management ability and knowledge and looking at the horizons ahead.

Below you will find a brief overview of each major brands:

Advanced Bionics LLC

Advanced Bionics is a global leader in developing the most advanced cochlear implant systems for patients with severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss. Arshia Gostar Darman is exclusive distributor of Advanced Bionics in Iran for more than 12 years, responsible for sales, after-sales services, providing spare parts of cochlear implants, presenting the necessary tools for CI surgery, as well as delivering the tools needed for the rehabilitation of these recipients. AGD has a special division for health tourism and welcome all interested patients with first- and high-class products and services inside Iran. We are presenting full package including all necessary elements in CI surgery (all needed actions before and after receiving implants). Thanks to cooperating with high skilled surgeons (experienced surgeons with at least 1000 CI surgeries) and well-trained audiologists, we could be the best and affordable choice for this treatment in Iran.  For more information please click here.

Advanced Bionics Company has a long history in Iran. The first cochlear implant surgery in Iran was performed in 1995 in Amir Alam Hospital. Up to now we have nearly 3,500 Advanced Bionics cochlear implant recipients all over of Iran.

Asahi Intecc Co. LTD.

Asahi Intecc is a Japanese company founded in 1976 and is engaged in the Development, manufacturing and sale of medical devices and Development, manufacturing and sale of ultra-fine stainless-steel wire ropes, terminal processed products such as guide wires, guiding catheters and microcatheter. Approved by European CE and US FDA. AGD has been the exclusive representative of Neurology and IVR of this company since 2017 in Iran. We are in second market share after Terumo-Microvention. Nowadays almost all cath-labs are working with us and we have very well-established sales presence in all vascular hospitals.

Our group has decided to expand its presence in catheterization laboratories with choosing reliable brands and products to serve all requests coming from vascular diseases treatment arising. Our expanded sales network helps us to achieve this goal.